2017 Meeting

Welcome to the Jungle (Our 2017 Theme)

The Great Lakes MSS Association Spring Meeting will be held at the Don CeSar Hotel St Pete Beach February 2nd to 4th, 2017.


Our Premier Sponsor


Motorola Solutions connects people through technology. Public safety and commercial customers around the world turn to Motorola Solutions innovations when they want highly connected teams that have the information they need throughout their workdays and in the moments that matter most to them.
Our customers rely on us for the expertise, services and solutions we provide, trusting our years of invention and innovation experience. By partnering with customers and observing how our products can help in can help in their specific industries, we are able to enhance our customers’ experience every day.

2017 Vendors

GLMSS would like to thank all of our supporting vendors, who's support makes our annual show possible. This page features the Silver / Gold Level Sponsoring Vendors that attend our annual meeting. They support GLMSS and our members, please support them.

Avtec, Inc.

Website: www.avtecinc.com

Today, more than 450 Scout systems are deployed in police, fire, air and ground ambulance dispatching; railroad main and yard ops; airline systems operation control centers; military bases; and, utility transmission and distribution centers. These systems range from one console position up to over three hundred, and include multiple sites networked together controlling thousands of base stations and telephony circuits.

Cobham (Aeroflex)

Website: www.aeroflex.com

Cobham is a leading worldwide provider of highly specialized test and measurement equipment and microelectronic solutions. (Aeroflex is now a Cobham Company.)

Cobham is a multi-faceted high technology company that designs, develops, manufactures and markets a diverse range of microelectronic and test and measurement products. Our products are in worldwide use, supporting communication systems, networks and automatic test systems.

CompassCom Software

Website: compasscom.com

CompassCom provides a Mobile Resource Management Platform that leverages the best technology in telematics integrated with the Esri ArcGIS platform empowering our clients to make informed decisions to improve efficiency, safety, and accountability. We are a dedicated group of professionals who have been in the forefront of vehicle, individual, and high value asset tracking industry since 1994. CompassCom provides products and services internationally with our products offered in multiple languages.

EMR Corp.

Website: www.emrcorp.com

EMR Corporation was founded in 1980 by William Lieske, Sr. as an OEM supplier of ferrite and hybrid devices to the land mobile communications and broadcast industries. Until his passing in 2007, Bill was involved in radio communications for more than 70 years. Beginning with a radio amateur license at the age of 13, he went on to work in military radar, public safety, radio communication manufacturing and commercial corporate sales. As the chief engineer, Bill’s approach to R.F. systems component design was without parallel in the industry. Bill’s work has helped set standards in the U.S. and international land mobile communications and antenna site management industries.

Enterprise Wireless Alliance

Website: www.enterprisewireless.org

The Enterprise Wireless Alliance (EWA) is the leading national association for business enterprise wireless users, and for the manufacturers, resellers and communication sales and service providers that serve the land mobile radio industry. A frequency coordinator certified by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), EWA provides consulting services, frequency coordination, license preparation, spectrum management and associated services to the business/industrial/land transportation and public safety communities. EWA’s advocacy transforms public policy, and its services support business productivity by providing reliable guidance regarding spectrum and wireless technology access decisions. Members and clients trust EWA to process more applications per year than any other frequency advisory committee. EWA is the developer of Cevo®, a powerful online frequency coordination solution, which simplifies the FCC license application process and allows users to select their own frequencies.

Freedom Communication Technologies

Website: freedomcte.com

Our heritage in LMR test equipment dates to the late 1970’s and the industry’s first all-in-one test solution: The R2001. From then to now, our products have set the standard for LMR test equipment. The R2600 series, introduced in 1989, was the industry standard for nearly a quarter-century. We followed up a few years later with the R2670, which was the first test set to support both APCO Project 16 and Project 25. And in 2004 we invented the concept of automated testing and alignment with our revolutionary “AutoTest” option for Motorola radios.

The Genesis Group

Website: genesisworld.com

Genesis develops, tests, and supports industry-leading software solutions for mission critical and business critical applications. Our performance management solutions empower system administrators to monitor in real time, manage, archive and report on Motorola voice and data systems.

Hutton Communications, Inc.

Phone: 877-648-8866

Hutton Communications, a distributor of commercial wireless communications equipment, serves cellular and radio communication dealers, wireless communication carriers and self-maintained end users of communication systems. Hutton’s multiple sales and warehouse facilities provide a local support and fast delivery to your location.


Phone: 877-447-8433
Websites: www.mobilcomm.com,  www.lifelinecomm.com

Mobilcomm | 8774ipVideo partners with resellers by providing pre-configured IP Video & Alarm solutions from IndigoVision, specializing in wireless IP Video integration while offering complete system design and support. Lifeline Management Solutions software integrates every aspect of your business from work orders through full accounting functions. Lifeline's dealers enjoy ongoing software improvements through yearly support/upgrade services.

Opt-in Wireless

Phone: 877.649.8411
Website: www.optinwireless.com

Opt-in Wireless is an independent, creative, strategic, full-service agency whose staff is insanely dedicated to their work. Since our launch in 2003, our clients have dominated Motorola Solutions’ Empower Circle Awards. We’re all about interactions. Digital interactions, physical interactions, follow-up interactions, they’re all a part of how we connect the unique truths of your brand with real people. We also understand your business in a way no one else does. Our talented and creative teams come up with new and exciting ideas every day that help us attain our ultimate goal – growing your business.

Ormandy Software

Phone: 877-ORMANDY
Website: www.ormandy.com

Ormandy’s sophisticated software, developed from the ground up for Motorola service shops, is complemented by friendly support people. Every day, Ormandy helps over 2000 users across the US and Canada to improve operations efficiency, enhanced customer service, and implement accounting best practices.

Primus Electronics

Website: primuselectronics.com

Across the country and across generations, Primus delivers solutions that power businesses, government, education, and research, connecting individuals and entire communities. Primus is your single-source expert in the planning, design, and construction of high-performing, cost-efficient communication solutions.

Realtine Ops

Website: realtimeops.com

RealTime Ops is an authorized stocking distributor of major wireless M2M products and associated services, for the wireless WAN ecosystem. We are a "Smart Distributor" providing current, researched knowledge to our reseller community. We serve certified resellers including VARs, VADs, SIs, and OEMs exclusively. For many manufacturers we are their only distributor who will not sell to end-users—who will not sell to your customers.


Website: rfindustries.com

RF Industries is a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative interconnect products and complex cable assemblies across diversified, high growth markets including wireless carriers and infrastructure, medical and industrial. The Company’s products include RF connectors, coaxial and custom cable assemblies, fiber optic cables, wiring harnesses and medical wiring. The Company’s leading edge connectivity solutions are used throughout the growing and evolving wireless infrastructure.

RFI Americas

Website: rfi.com.au

RFI designs, develops and manufactures high-performance antennas, system components and repeater / rebroadcast systems at our two manufacturing facilities within Australia. Our manufacturing group consists of over 80 professionals and has a proud history since our inception in 1979 with a focus on delivering niche products to LMR, Public Safety and Carrier markets globally. RFI operates manufacturing sites in Victoria and South Australia, both with a proud history in quality, safety and environmental performance. Our two sites include Australia’s largest antenna manufacturing facility, producing world class Antenna and Multicoupling Systems for both Domestic and International Markets and the only Australian manufacturing site producing frequency translating repeater systems.

Systems Implementation, Inc.

Phone: 800-388-2581
Website: www.sysimp.com

Systems Implementation, Inc. delivers power, performance, and profitability to our customers through MSS21, a completely integrated software package designed specifically for wireless communications.  Mss21 is a comprehensive solution that includes Sales, Service, Inventory, Purchasing, Contracts, Recurring Billing, Project Management, CRM, Rentals, POS, financials and much, much more.

Talley Inc.

Website: www.talleycom.com

Talley serves customers in several industry segments stocking inventory from over 300 top industry suppliers. Our inventory reflects the demands of wireless communications, infrastructure and mobile communications users. In addition, we offer a wide variety of fiber and connectivity products, as well as custom cable assemblies.


Phone: 855-743-1333
Website: www.teldio.com

Teldio is an innovative and agile company committed to delivering value-added two-way radio solutions to enterprise customers. The solutions provided by Teldio are focused on cost-savings, worker efficiency, and worker safety and are held to strict standards of business sustainability and profitability.


Website: trbonet.com

Neocom Software was founded in 2007 to deliver best-in-class software and hardware products taking advantages of the modern radio technologies. In the course of just 9 years the company has grown from 5 to nearly 70 people with offices in St. Petersburg, Russia and Florida, USA. Our sales representatives also operate in Latin America.


Website: unicationusa.com

Unication USA is a worldwide leader in providing advanced critical messaging solutions designed for first responders.

Washington Radio Reports

Phone: 770-366-3389
Website: www.wrronline.com

Washington Radio Reports has been providing low-cost, high-service FCC Licensing Assistance for over 30 years. WRRonline is our web-based search tool that provides 2-Way Dealers with customized access to FCC Licensing information.It helps them Find Spectrum, Find Prospects and Research FCC Licensing information Fast & Efficiently. Subscribers enjoy unlimited access to the web site plus they receive twice-monthly License Activity Reports via Email.These reports show recent FCC Applications and Grants within their local market, plus they contain upcoming license expirations and Construction Deadlines (Schedule Ks). A new section outlines the licenses in their market that still need to be narrow-banded. WRRonline is 100% Motorola Coop Payable.