Biography of the MSS

At the conclusion of the Second World War, Galvin Industries assayed its future and determined to build on its wartime experience as a manufacturer of military radio equipment by becoming a producer and marketer of two-way radio equipment for business, commerce, government and public safety. Early on, Galvin recognized that it could make the best radios and offer them at an excellent price, but would still not succeed in the marketplace if it did not have service to back up its equipment. Organizing, building and operating a nationwide company-owned service network was far beyond the means of Galvin (or Motorola, its brand name), so the company set about a methodical program to encourage local entrepreneurs to form radio service companies and align themselves with Galvin as authorized Motorola Service Stations.

The program succeeded, and is an integral part of the foundation from which Galvin Industries grew to be Motorola, Inc., and which has propelled Motorola to its position of national and world-wide prominence in two-way radio and communications. The Galvin family has such regard for the relationship between Motorola and the MSS’s that it commissioned the writing and private publication of a book detailing the history of the MSS program.

The MSS's founded at Motorola's encouragement have proven to be one of the great success stories in the field of service. Motorola's dominance in the radio industry is directly attributable to two things - its skill and progressiveness as a manufacturer, and its alliance with a national network of independently-owned and -managed service facilities. In 1988, Motorola began a major change in its marketing strategy: for the first time, it began to sell its products through independent sales agencies, as well as through its own sales force. Today, the bulk of sales are through outside sales agencies. The MSS's rose to the challenge and have proven themselves to be a major part of Motorola's sales, as well as its service.

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